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In the present global scenario, Economics has emerged as one of the most 'sought after' subject of study in Social Science as it immediately communicates with the changing societal priorities and needs. Many insights have been taken which are highly expedient in studying Economics and behavior of economics agent and their adaptions to economic policy and analysis of such behavior in the present context of highly volatile markets and asymmetric information In this context Economics as emerged one of the most important subjects of study among the group of social sciences.

Major aims and objectives of the BA Economics programs are :

To provide students a well-founded education in Economics

To provide structure curricula which support the academic developments of students

To provide and adapt curricula that prepare our graduates for employment and further study as economists

To provide the student with the opportunity to pursue course that emphasize quantitative and theoretical aspects of Economics

To provide student with the opportunity to focus on applied and policy issues in Economics

To provide programmes that allow the students to choose from a wide range of economics specialization

To provide a well-resource learning environment for Economics



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