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The department of psychology in St. Kuriakose college of management and science has its roots in 2020. The department build and maintains academic relationship with students and their parents. The BSc Psychology is suitable for students who are interested in the systematic study of cognition, mind and behaviour. Our three-year BSc Psychology covers the full span of the field of psychology and its research methods. Psychology plays a significant part in modern day life, from the school dassroom to the courtroom, in industry, business organisations and in universities. Our degree covers the full breadth of the subject area that is psychology.

More recently, psychology has become more integrated with the neurosdences, and our programme mines what we know about how the brain and nervous system underlie our thoughts and behaviours, for example, by determining which brain areas and networks deal with particular mental functions, and how individual nerve cells work and communicato with each other.

Nfission and goal
The department of psychology is committed to the discovery of lcnowledge about mind, brain and behaviour, and to sharing that knowledge with our students and our community. So our department is focused on; To teach , To train and To serve. We strive to accomplish these goals through:

  • Encourage the personality development of students.
  • To creato and develop awareness of mental health.
  • Develop skilled psychologists and counsellors.
  • affiancing the research activities M the department

Features of the department

  • Qualified and trained faculty
  • Psychology lab
  • library and digital reference
  • International day observances and celebrations.
  • Semina is and woricshops
  • Field study
  • Intercollegiate fest



Qualified Faculty

Computer lab

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