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Department of Economics
1Mrs. Ajaya TAssistant ProfessorMA Economics, M.Ed , MBA
Department of Commerce
1Mr. V. P. GangadharanPrincipal, Assistant ProfessorM.Com, M. Phil
2Mrs. Nuthan. KHOD, Dept. of Commerce, Assistant Professor M.Com, MBA, B.Ed, NET, SET
3Mrs. Shimi. A.KAssistant ProfessorM.Com, MBA, B.Ed, SET
4Mrs. Ruby CherianAssistant ProfessorM.Com, B.Ed
5Mrs. Jerfy PanjikkaranAssistant ProfessorM.Com, M. Phil
6Mr. Sreelal . SAssistant ProfessorM.Com , MBA , B.Ed , SET,NET
7Mrs. Anju Mariya Baby. TAssistant ProfessorM.Com, MBA,NET
8Mrs. Ambily K.RAssistant ProfessorM.Com, MBA,NET
9Mrs. Swapna . M. KuriakoseAssistant ProfessorM.Com, B.Ed
10Mrs. Divya . T. VargheseAssistant ProfessorM.Com, NET
11Mrs. Susan PauloseAssistant ProfessorM.Com, B.Ed
12Mrs. Vandhana . BAssistant ProfessorM.Com
13Mrs. Bessy PaulAssistant ProfessorM.Com
Department of Management Studies
1Mrs. Renu Margret MohanHOD, Dept. of Management, Assistant ProfessorMBA
2Mrs. Bini AbrahamAssistant ProfessorMBA, M.Com
3Mrs. Binsa Rani JacobAssistant ProfessorMBA
4Mr. Basil MannaraprayilAssistant ProfessorMBA
Department of Computer Application
1Mrs. Blessy SebastianHOD, Dept. of Computer, Assistant ProfessorMCA
2Mrs. Gittu JoyAssistant ProfessorMCA
3Mrs. Nisha. P. VargheseAssistant ProfessorMCA
4Mrs. Sneha. M. KuriakoseAssistant ProfessorMCA
5Mrs. Seema KurupAssistant ProfessorMsc. Computer Communication
Faculty of Travel and Tourism
1Mrs. Athira SunnyAssistant ProfessorMTA
Faculty of Statistics
1Mr. George. P. CherianVice-Principal,
Assistant Professor
Msc. Statistics, PGDCA
2Mrs. Anju. K. SimonAssistant ProfessorMsc. Statistics
Faculty of English
1Mrs. Ashitha. N.CAssistant ProfessorM.A. English, M.Ed, KTET
3Mrs. Athira K SAssistant ProfessorM.A English Language and Literature
Faculty of Hindi
1Dr. Sreeja ParameswaranAssistant ProfessorM.A. Hindi, PhD
Faculty of Malayalam
1Mr. Jeteesh SivadasAssistant ProfessorM.A. Malayalam, NET, JRF
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